Stay Calm! Just put on a mask and take sides…

“No man is happy without a delusion of some kind. Delusions are as necessary to our happiness as realities.” – Christian Bovee


Such is the sad reality of our times! But may be this is exactly what our reality demands today. On one hand, one would be deemed naive to dream of a future wherein the human race has finally found answers for some of the worst issues that we face today. But on the other hand, we might just be cowering under the delusion that we are hurtling towards a dystopian future. Given the dogmatic species that we have been thus far in our relatively short evolutionary journey one cannot but be in awe of what we have been able to accomplish as compared to any other species in the history of the planet. Or as a species we collectively suffer from delusions of grandeur that we are the masters, the rightful owners, of this fragile and unique, yet equally inconsequential spec of dirt floating around in the cosmos.

Faced with such contradictions at every step, we seem to find solace in the strangest of ways. Religion helps us to put on a mask or even a cloak of spiritual supremacy over our fragile bodies and we convince ourselves that the eternal nature of our souls triumphs over the ephemeral existence of our bodies. Science on the other hand gets us drunk ever so easily on the promise of a better physical environment for the duration of our brief lives with the ultimate goal of extending our life span to eternity. In both cases we seem to be hell bent on finding a purpose, a justification for our lonely existence in a harsh universe, when in all likelihood we are simply one of the many inevitable outcomes of an uncontrolled experiment in the cosmic laboratory.

And then there are those lucky few amongst us who would be least bothered to apply themselves to even acknowledge the contradictions staring at them in their faces. For them life is a well defined path with prescribed activities and achievable goals to be walked upon in earnest. Questioning the very ground that they stand upon is simply not an option to be entertained. They are certainly aware that the outcomes of the prescribed activities are not guaranteed and they are remarkably stoic in a rather oxymoronic manner. That is to say that even their laughter, tears, screams of anguish, and all other assorted reactions seem to be straight out a script.

The parallel universe of social media offers plenty of perplexing alternatives to choose from. An anonymous post of relevance in this context goes as follows:

“I am asking some questions to myself…

Do I need to be connected  all the time?

Do I need so much information?

Do I need to respond to every stimulus immediately?

Do I need to hear somebody’s opinion on everything?

Do I need to have an opinion on on everything?

Do I need to be entertained every second?  What is it that is so boring or uneasy about myself that I need all this?” (sic)

Certainly thought provoking and maybe the answer simply is that more powerful than the urge to fit in to the chaotic world of social media is the urge to let loose the eternal, unabashed, and naive optimist within with the hope that in the ocean of humanity adrift in time and space there is someone else who might just be waiting to find a version of ourselves that is best kept hidden from the rest of the world. Until then it would be prudent to put on a mask, pick a side, and entertain yourself to make the wait bearable.

Or maybe one would be better off putting on the mask of a self righteous a**hole, sticking to their version of the truth and trudging along the lonely path to enlightenment. In all likelihood somewhere along the way you might look back and find that you have more followers than you could ever care for.

As the wise man once said: “Be careful what you wish for!”

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