Let’s save our Superheroes…

By freeing them from our shackles!

Metro Man said it best: “I DO have a choice! I can be whatever I wanna be! No one said that this hero thing had to be a lifetime gig!”

So why do we then rejoice at the end of the movie when Megamind becomes the reluctant superhero that Metro City so desperately needs? Maybe he ends up being this miserable misfit constantly at odds with the good and evil personas within himself.

If you were to look carefully at all the superhero characters each and everyone of them contends with the choice that Metro Man made. Assuming that all the superheroes are mortal as was so persuasively depicted in Avengers: Infinity War and Incredibles, let us consider that maybe they too need the help of the common folks rather than always being led to slaughter in our defence. Does it not then behoove us to help them? After all it is Martha that saves Superman from being killed by Batman in Dawn of Justice! And in turn, Batman realises that only Lois Lane can be “the Big Guns” that can bring the rogue Superman under control in The Justice League.

Maybe the underlying message in all of these is that it is actually our Superheroes that need to be saved by us… the very people that they are here to save! Thats a paradox and an oxymoron bundled in to one. So how shall we unravel this interdependence? Or is this interdependence the whole equation in the first place? Let us ponder a bit more before throwing in the towel.

The answer is rather elementary, as one of the original superheroes would be happy to point out, “Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth.” Superheroes are the creation of feeble human minds. These people believe that the limits of human ability can only be transcended by beings either of alien origin or ordinary humans augmented by technology created by those of us with far superior intellect. Aliens have always been expected to earn their right to live amongst their gracious hosts in their adopted countries, one of which is the country from where most of the superhero stories have originated. So naturally Superman is so indebted to his adopted parents and the planet Earth on which he grew up that he is forced to sacrifice his own species from being resurrected.

The humans amongst us with superior intellect are in turn forced to apply their genius so as to invent technology – military and medical that will protect the ordinary citizenry. The monetary gains from the invention of such technology are underplayed purposefully to portray these super-humans in a morally correct view. Morals that were, surprisingly, invented by people of far lower intellect and with a populist viewpoint that benefits people in power achieved through questionable methods.

Even, God himself is not exempt from this convoluted logic as the article published in BBC titled “The disabled Christians reinterpreting the Bible”. If God, admittedly the most ingenious creation of the worst amongst us, needs to be re-defined to be in tune with the modern world then so should we take the effort to redefine the nature of Superheroes and possibly give them an opportunity to lead a life that we all crave: A simple and carefree life. Unfortunately, the prerequisite is the existence of a utopian universe; which obviously remains far outside of the reach of humans with feeble intellect. Hence, in the interim the worst amongst us will continue to demand that the blood of countless Superheroes be spilled in our service. After all we are their creators!

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