Living In Wonderland: An Impossible Dream?

Ending scene of the latest instalment of Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass goes as follows:

Alice: “This is all but a dream… Not reality.”

Hatter: “Who is to say which is which?”

Maybe the Hatter isn’t as mad as one might be led to believe.

For some of us everyday starts in Wonderland. The morning sky has an uncanny ability to make one believe that a perfect day lies ahead of us full of opportunity. In those fleeting moments between the grim darkness of the night and the harsh sunlight of the day the world seems to be filled with promise. And so off we go dreaming about how today is going to be the best day of our lives and in typical fashion the dream breaks just around the time when we are getting to the best part.

And then there is the sky just after a summer thunderstorm with billowing white clouds moving lazily against an azure blue backdrop leaving one feeling satiated as if the rain had quenched some deep thirst within us or allaying fears that the storm has broken and the worst is behind us. Of course all of us have dreamt of chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Kanaha-original-Rainbow Image courtsey of Susan Baker (

We all know that neither does the sky exists nor does the rainbow have an end let alone a pot of gold. It simply is an illusion. But that does not stop us from dreaming of the perfect moments spent under the perfect sky. So why not stretch the illusion a bit further?

Therein lies the moral dilemma. The central tenet of our moral code is that we should strive to continually find happiness in the harsh reality of our everyday lives and be thankful for our state of existence because it is a gift and there are so many who suffer a fate worst than ours. Charity is the antidote that keeps our narcissistic tendencies at bay. Even vanity is a virtue when practised in small doses so that we may make our charitable contributions to iconophilia that is critical to give hope to the desperate masses.

Are we sacrificing our dreams at the altar of political correctness?

While fame and fortune maybe the stuff that most dreams are made of let us not forget the one thing that we value above all: Love. We dream of finding our soulmate but how far are we willing to go to realise our dream? The prevalent theme on social media today seems to be about protecting ourselves from the hurt that unrequited love causes and focussing instead of being satisfied with being truly in love with ourselves. Furthermore, extensive studies are being carried out as to how social media is leading to increasing cases of depression because of the perception that our lives are not as good enough as of those around us. But the truth is an unknown and as elusive as the dream of finding the perfect soulmate.

Even our dreams of fame and fortune seem to be destined to suffer the same fate. Everyone is far too eager to join in on the current crusade against the uber rich and find a way to cut them down to size. Perplexingly though, at the same time, we are ready at the drop of a hat to make messiahs out of those who are actually making loads of money for the same reason as everyone else: greed. The end result seems to be that hypocrisy is being forced on to people in the form of unwanted humility because the “less fortunate” find it beyond themselves to be able to afford privacy to the “more fortunate” amongst us. Why should be the dream of fame and fortune be at odds with the dream of living a simple life devoid of the burden of social scrutiny?    

So as we look through the looking glass at the beginning of each day do we try and ignore the Wonderland that lies beyond or instead step through in an attempt to infuse a sense of wonder… a healthy delusion in to our lives? In the end none of us know to where we are headed but we all just keep walking because we can. So why not live our lives inside of an impossible dream and seek respite in our delusions without losing our sanity? After all, inception is just a mouse click away!